Tuesday, February 23, 2016

(Our) Questionable Parenting Choices at Disneyland

So we just returned from Disneyland last week...

Questionable parenting choices are unavoidable in Disneyland. Despite being the “Happiest Place on Earth,™” it is also overstimulating, crowded and expensive. It’s also usually hot. That can lead to, among other things, tantrums, bad judgement calls and impulse buying. But here is our short list, anchored by the most spectacularly worst moment of our entire trip.

  • We took the kids on scary rides. Haunted Mansion & Pirates of the Caribbean specifically. Ghosts, skeletons, dead people and creepy animatronics shouldn’t give a 3-year-old nightmares right? Wrong.

  • We took Sidney on aggressively dynamic rides. She’s 46” tall so she can go on most of the stuff. Ken, daredevil ever, thought Tower of Terror was pretty exciting and couldn’t stop talking about it so naturally Sid wanted in on that too. So he took her after dinner the first night. All she talked about after that was the scary video about the dead family and how she hated that ride so much. The next day, I wasn’t about to go on (Hyper)Space Mountain alone since it was my first (and last) time ever riding that thing. So naturally I persuaded her to go with me on the ‘space roller coaster.’ She kept her eyes closed for the duration of the ride and probably saw as much as I did with my eyes open.
  • I misjudged how long it would take to get through ‘it’s a small world,’ so we missed the Soundsational Parade and the universe imploded on itself. We set up to watch Soundsational by Small World, I figured I had plenty of time to take the kids on the ride (it was about 3:45pm) then sit down and wait for the parade to make its way all the way from the Town Square to us which provides a good 20-minute delay from start time. Ken set out a blanket and camped out on the curb. But when the kids and I finally emerged from Small World at 4:15pm, the parade had started but was heading south from Small World to Town Square which was the opposite of what I had been told. With it underway and us in a mob of people, we couldn’t possibly get to Ken on the blanket and Sidney proceeded to have an epic Disneyland meltdown, scream-crying, “You ruined everything!!” (Seriously, I ruined everything?) In trying to pick her up to see better and jostling among the crowd, I also lost my new FitBit and then Sidney’s nose started bleeding--all while I tried to keep track of Calvin in a parade crowd. It was the craziest moment we I had on our whole vacation. Luckily a restroom was nearby but we totally missed the parade that day and Ken seemed perturbed that he got to sit on a blanket by himself for 30 minutes, take a break and look at his phone. (...) I also think 90 degrees, no nap and huge crowds contributed to the huge upset too.

But then, this little moment happened right after and everything was okay in the world again.

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Tracy said...

Love this article! Ahh the memories. You have them written down though, so your memory will be better than mine when they get older. But some things you never forget ...