Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

My crazy-wonderful husband who has a flair for the unique and the knack for the dramatic didn't just pick some random superhero movie off my Amazon wish list for Christmas, he meant to continue the theme of a "year of living dangerously" and pushing boundaries. In my stocking last December, I found a gift certificate to something called Trapped in a Room with a Zombie, for which I just had to set a date and invite 11 friends to solve all manner of clues and riddles to escape a room with a rabid zombie chained to the wall.  Um, what??? I was initially a bit horrified. Truth be told, zombies aren't my supernatural creature of choice. (That would be vampires.) So what the heck would this activity be like anyway?

We finally set the date, contacted our friends and booked the sitter. Then I started looking for reviews online just to make sure I had some idea of what we were getting ourselves into. I found myself growing more intrigued and delighted as I looked around and read feedback on this multi-city offering, it would challenge problem solving abilities and require team work with friends. That's a very good thing, I think, to put yourself (and friends) in safe but challenging situations. You feel surprisingly alive, like you might just be capable of anything. And not just capable of finding a missing Ravensburger puzzle piece under the couch or being able to assemble a dinner in 10 minutes with no planning. You know, big thinking.

One can do this Escape the Room activity with strangers if you sign up for an open, non-private party session but I loved that ours was with people we knew.  I announced to the group before we began, that all of us are parents (with kids ranging from 1-10 years old) so we all know how to multitask while a writhing uncooperative creature wails in the corner.  That's just 'Tuesday-morning-before-school' in my house. Oh really, is a zombie the best thing you got?  How about no sleep for 3 months with a beast that allows no other focus than itself and might as well be eating my brains because I couldn't remember a damn thing. But I digress.

We're sworn to secrecy not to reveal what the clues are like but suffice it to say, last Saturday's romp was very clever and fantastic challenge. In our group, self-named the 'Dirty Dozen', I was the first to fall to the Zombie as I took my focus off of her when looking around the room and misjudged how much chain length she had. We came very close to escaping the room though.  The best part was watching each of our friends find their niche and contribute to the effort. Some people are cool under pressure, some get a little more excitable. But best of all, we all got to do something out of the ordinary, making our tasty brains that much more full of juicy neural activity.

With a few more minutes, we would have succeeded in escaping the room. But only 30% are successful, so not great odds. They may change up to a whole new game with new clues and everything soon so we'll have to see if the 'Dirty Dozen' is up to the task again.

Until then, check it out yourself for some unconventional good times. Ugggggh. BRAINS!!

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Unknown said...

It's fun to see how other people experience it (in non-spoilery fashion, of course). :) I'm sorry to hear you died, but life goes on... ;)