Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Alien Film: Stay Frosty

Many people say the filmmakers of The Godfather Part 1 & 2 should have stopped while they were ahead. Perhaps they didn’t realize what they had. Why tempt fate when you have perfection? But for me that soulmate transcendence, was in Alien & Aliens.  Two different approaches to a sci-fi alien story but both so symmetrical in their tone, urgency and resolve. Each movie contributed something new and perfect to form the ultimate pair.  

But as a fan, I couldn’t help but wearily welcome more installments after that, if for nothing else, to see our heroine and her beleaguered comrades again. Alas though all that came--from Alien 3 & 4 to Prometheus (yes, I said it) to Alien vs. Predator--was varying degrees of disappointment which reeked of misguided attempts and studio greed. The most egregious and unforgivable of the lot was Alien 3. In an attempt to get back to basics, the filmmakers made the infuriating and idiotic decision to kill off Hicks and Newt. I initially blamed newbie director David Fincher for this.  But it wasn’t until years later that I found out that he too was displeased with the story and the constraints placed on him by the meddling studio. So what little comfort I took hearing that the production had been plagued with endless issues, still left me brooding over what could and should have been. I know it sounds dramatic but I swear to you, there's no amount of fanfic in the world that could override this event as it was canon.

Until now.

Twenty-two years after the Alien 3 abomination, news comes that Neill Blomcamp, director of the impeccable District 9, will helm a reimagined new Alien 3 movie that will dismiss all the events of Alien 3 & 4 in favor of rounding the story out and giving it “a proper finish,” as Sigourney Weaver said recently, who will reprise her role as Ripley again. It will hopefully (please, please, please let it be true) ‘retcon’ or reimagine the fate of Hicks and Newt as well.

I figure, if Star Wars can be salvaged from the ashes of Lucas-meddling and absurdity, then perhaps Alien can be similarly reclaimed from lesser people who have ravaged and corrupted quite possibly one of best science fiction stories ever told.

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