Sunday, March 29, 2015

Monument Valley Game, where I enthusiastically jump on the bandwagon

The iOS/Android game, Monument Valley from USTWO, has already garnered a ton of praise and awards since it's release last summer. But it wasn't until watching House of Cards these last few weeks that I found out about it. The design and interaction are simply stunning. I love puzzle games and with the ethereal, calm, zen-like quality of the visuals, the soundtrack and chapter titles that read like Buddhist mantras, this game transforms into a mediative experience. I only wish there were more levels to explore since counting the the original plus the expansion upgrade there are only 18 total. It costs $6 on Android but the experience is like eating a small portion of the most delicious dessert you can think of: what it lacks in volume makes up in quality. With the game's success, I hope this means there are more chapters to come. This is the second great game from a London-based game studio that I've fallen in love with this year. Go Brits!