Monday, April 20, 2015

Thank you note to Southwest Airlines

Dear Southwest Airlines:
In recent memory, I cannot recall a flight experience so positive that I’ve been moved enough to write a note. But today your team impressed me beyond all expectations. 
Usually I write parenting memoirs about the horrors of traveling with children and the awful things that befall us on airplanes or in airports. But our trip today from Norfolk VA, connecting in Baltimore, MD and then home to Seattle WA, was the most pleasant journey on record and I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that your pilots, flight attendants and ground crews really made the difference. 
From the clever and funny in-flight instructions to the actually "attentive" flight attendants to the gate & ground crews who got our late-checked luggage on the plane to the unexpected invitation from both sets of pilots for my children to sit in the cockpits (during boarding), I am utterly impressed. 
Air travel can be like trudging through Dante’s Inferno with the numerous fees, increased security and general negative attitudes a traveler encounters. And now as a parent of two children under 6, the prospect of flying transcontinental, or even for short flights, feels like gearing up for battle. 
While I’m sure other airlines have good employees who do their jobs well, there is something in your culture that cuts through the drudgery and makes flying fun again.

Thank you so much for doing that.

Kali Sakai
Seattle, WA

Norfolk to Baltimore

 Baltimore to Seattle

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