Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Intruder-us @ 24 weeks

Hey Intruder-us,

You are 24 weeks and there has been a lot going on.  Sorry it's taken so long to write to you.  As you will discover, the household you are coming into is a busy one.  I think you seem to get that since you have been active on all the sonograms and started kicking up a storm at all hours of the night.  I call it "uterus Zumba."

We're getting your room all ready since we've moved your sister into her Big Girl room next door.  Luckily your room already has a crib, rocking chair and changing table. It also came in blue so we don't even need to paint.  Your dad put in a Custom Closet System last week to optimize the storage situation and I've been sorting all the baby clothes & supplies that we had from your sister.  I am delighted to say that most of the stuff from the first 9 months is all gender neutral so you are set for clothes at least for that long--not that you're going to care about what you're wearing.

We also got you a brand new infant car seat, which your sister didn't even get (hand me down), bought a new car and even technically bought a new house in preparation for your arrival.  I guess I want you to know that because I feel a little guilty that your father and I have not focused on this pregnancy as much as the first.  We just don't play music or talk to the belly like we did before and I don't avidly read my pregnancy books nightly to find out what new development is occurring with you.  It's not that we don't care, because we do.  I eat organic food as much as possible, drink an unconscionable amount of milk for someone who is lactose intolerant and practice prenatal yoga.  But both Mommy and Daddy realize we have a lot to get done in the 16 remaining weeks.  And mostly, I find myself in a constant state of preparation with your sister.  Getting her ready for you.  Because you will be the biggest deal (good and bad) that has happened to her so far.  And I think household harmony is the best gift we could ever give to you, her and ourselves.

You see, as a big sister myself, I remember what a shock it was when they brought your Uncle Austin home from the hospital.  Just so you know, the eldest child goes from being the center of attention to having to yield to a demanding little being who sucks the life out of your parents, just as they start to fire on all cylinders again.  It makes the oldest a little mad because 'who asked for this interloper to come into the house anyway?'  So we're trying to head that off as much as we can.

Sometimes (actually all the time) I wonder what kind of boy you'll be.  I've met a few boys who are like Tasmanian Devils in a China Shop: very high energy, physical, loud and destructive.  And I'll be honest, that scares me a little bit.  Your sister has spoiled us.  I'll just say that because when I compare notes on some of her contemporaries, we've got no room to complain.  None.  And so that makes me realize, we are not that tested.  I believe we have only experienced the tip of the temperament iceberg.  If you turn out to be that kind of boy, I guess we'll fortify the glass curio cabinet and invest in some more padding for every other piece of furniture.  Perhaps we will also fortify our wine collection because we may need a good dose of that too.  But I've also met contemplative, timid and sensitive boys who get toys snatched away from them by clever Sidney.  If that's the kid of boy you turn out to be, we're going to need to work on you standing up for yourself because your sister is one self-assured gal and you will have a childhood of angst if you can't balance that out.  But I get ahead of myself.  Right now it's just you and me floating through life in symbiotic harmony.  One thing: can you please tell me why I have never been more thirsty in my whole life?  I don't remember feeling like this with your sister.  It floors me how much liquid I want to drink all the time.  And as a result of that, I need to go to the bathroom constantly.  It's crazy.

Everyone is excited to meet you and see what you are like.  But there is no need to rush like your sister did.  She surprised us 3 weeks early and had jaundice so that was not optimal.  But she was a very manageable 6 pounds 8 ounces for a vaginal delivery.  So I just want to put in a request that if you'd like to come out slightly ahead of schedule, that's cool as long as you can hold off until July 28 or so which is still 2 weeks early.  That way you let Momma go to her 20th High School reunion which is something I really want to attend.  (I know, you're like "what's a reunion?" and "what's high school?")   Also by skipping over July 26 & 27, you miss landing on the birthday trifecta of your father (26th), Nana (26th) and Ojisan (27th).  That would probably be my luck though: my husband, mother and son would all share the same birthday because the other 364 days just will not do.

But seriously, as long as you can hang out in there to term, we'll be happy whatever day it lands on.  I just had to put in my request though.  You don't get what you don't ask for.  Consider that my first piece of advice...of the millions to come.


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