Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pink Martini @ Benaroya Hall

I never really listened to Pink Martini's music but knew many folks who loved them.  I bought tickets for this show when they went on sale (like a year ago) and then last night Ken & I went.  The audience was a definite baby boomer crowd and the show was sold out.  The concert was great and in someways defies description because it was so diverse.  

But it came to me on the drive home that Stefon of Saturday Night Live would be able to boil it down.  I think he'd say something like this:

"Pink Martini has everything: a Japanese guy singing in Spanish, a 94-year-old clarinetist, a Malaysian pop superstar, high school choir kids singing in African languages and doing a conga line, a trumpet player with grunge hair and a virtuoso piano player who looks like Elton John and Patton Oswalt had a baby."

That about sums it up.

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