Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Remembering Auntie Rosie

Today, we lost a dear, lovely lady in our family.  My great-aunt Rose who was my grandmother's sister passed away this morning, surrounded by her children.

She was always very chipper, easy-going and optimistic.  One of my earliest memories of her is visiting her and Skipper, her dog.  He loved these little "hot dog-like biscuits" call Snausauges.  During one of our visits when I was 4 or 5, I was allowed to give him one.  I decided to sample one also and to my surprise IT TASTED AWESOME!  From then on, I equated going to Auntie Rosie's house with getting to eat, straight from the box, these amazing "crackers" that were really dog treats.  My mother and aunt just let me go to town on them like they were Nilla Wafers.  I don't begrudge it though--they were delicious.

All joking aside, it is truly a loss that I have not come to terms with yet.  Rose was the closest thing to a grandmother that we/I had left on this side of the family.  She was so excited about Sidney and always lit up when she saw her at family functions.  Auntie would always want to hold and play with Sidney and had such a caring way about her.  (You can just see it in the picture below.)  It made the absence of my own grandmother just a little easier, knowing that her younger sister Rose was doing an outstanding job filling in.  RIP Auntie.  We will miss you.

Christmas 2009

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ruby said...

What a lovely tribute for a wonderful woman.
Thank you Kali.
Love, Mom