Monday, June 28, 2010

Scenes from a Marriage

Today I just found out we won a Father's Day Contest for best sleeping daddy and baby picture from Goodnite Lite. This is so cool. It's a very early picture of Sidney when she looked like "mini-Euge" which was mostly the first month of her life or so. Anyway the prize for this contest is a gift certificate from Home Depot (and some sleep consultation with an expert--though we are ok for now---knock on wood).

Below is an IM exchange between Ken and myself trying to figure out what we'll get at Home Depot...we're on different floors but both in the house.

Ken: I think our [patio] umbrella can last a while longer.
Not sure what we need yet, except maybe a robot that cuts grass

me: Outdoor Roomba Or a goat

Ken: yeah, a robotic goat!
it eats grass and pushes the lawnmower

me: It wouldn't need to push the lawnmower. It would BE the lawnmower.

Ken: That's why what I said was ironic and funny.
Like a robot that pushes keys on a typewriter.
That's pretty hilarious if I may say so myself.

me: I hear you laughing at your own joke.

Ken: Like one does

me: Do you hear my eyes rolling?


Denise said...

Too funny! I find it interesting that you didn't win a Good Nite Lite. Don't they want you to have their product?

Missing you!

Kali Sakai said...

Oh we already bought one. I think you had to have already purchased one to be in the contest. But yeah, that is weird. Maybe the whole idea was to draw attention to and talk about their product. Like I'm doing right now. :)