Monday, June 07, 2010

Our Trip Back East and other ruminations

We returned a week ago now from an epic, two week trip to the East Coast. Like other visits, we covered alot of ground and saw many friends & family. Most of what we did involved Sidney so you can see pics over at her blog. We were quite ambitious given the anticipation of our visit and the desire to show off our daughter. Sidney's easy-going temperament and ability to roll with the changing environments served us all well. She met and formed bonds with her East Coast family.

But I am relieved to be back. As I have said before, vacations are not vacations for Mom. It's the difference between a permanent show of Cirque du Soleil in Vegas and the traveling one. Same circus but we're just taking the show on tour and I'm the ringmaster. It required lots of baby supplies (many of which I ordered and had shipped to Virginia) and ample preparation to go/do anything. The amount of driving was particularly apparent because of the guilt we felt of her sitting in that god-awful, rented car seat. At least this time, I remembered the backseat mirror.

People are non-plussed about Ken and me, we are merely the conveyance of the baby who can paralyze you with her charm at 50 feet. I can tell that kid is processing the reactions she gets when she smiles or does something cute. She's not even 9 months old yet but she's clever. I just put many of the photos from our trip into a book that she can look at. I hope that by looking at it, she will remember all the great people who met her and showered her with such attention and love.

Here's some last few things that weren't fully covered on her blog that are worth noting:

One of the quintessential experiences of the Eastern Shore is the all-you-can-eat crab feast. But it starts with a bunch of fried food: fried shrimp, fried clams, fried chicken, French fries and some corn on the cob. Then you have to do complex surgery also known as "picking" on the crabs to extract a little bit of crab meat. That's a lot of work and grossness. I ordered the crab cakes and some wine. It was good times. But this gathering was organized by Kristen Mallery and involved many of the wedding party including Ken's best friend and Kristen's brother, Billy. Some of Billy and Ken's friends showed up to join in the fun.

Billy, Ella & Kristen

Ella meets a Maryland Crab

Jamie can't wait to eat

Ken, Billy, Jamie and Doug

The guys with Ken wearing a shirt that says, "I'm not from here (anymore)".

On another seafood note, Ken and Dave learned the art of filleting a fish from Duke. It was a messy and stinky education that took place on the dock in the backyard. But we couldn't resist playing with our food and taking some funny pictures first.

All of this filleting was for a belated birthday dinner celebration for Dave. Joyce made an incredible strawberry tiramisu dessert that was to die for. We all had seconds. It was delightful to visit with Dave and Jessica even though their visit was cut short by Lani's angry appendix. It had to come out and our lovely guests were called back to Salisbury.

Entire photo album of trip HERE.

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