Thursday, June 17, 2010

Michael Jackson's Death was on our Anniversary

Did you know that Michael Jackson died on June 25th 2009? That was also our 4th wedding anniversary. The one year is coming up soon so I'm sure there will be lot of specials and tributes...

But I just watched the Michael Jackson movie about the concert that never happened. Then I did about 2 hours of internet research about him & the cast of characters (family, ex-wives, accusers, entourage) associated with him. That guy was a musical genius & amazing showman, started working from age 4, never got a childhood, experienced crushing success in early adulthood, everyone wanted a piece of him, couldn't hold a mature relationship with a woman, tried to recreate a childhood for himself in his 30's/40's, may or may not have been a pedophile and by the time he was a father himself was propped up on so many drugs it was just a matter of time that his body would fail. What an epic tragedy. I'm exhausted.

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