Saturday, February 21, 2009

BSG & Byrne

BSG Fix I'm waiting for to post the video file of last night's Battlestar Galactica episode...still. Usually they are up at 11:01pm Fridays but now I fear they are trying to squeeze out every dollar of TV ad revenue and won't post them until later in the week. The tyranny. Naturally they have the video recap and written recap up on the site--which is tempting but ultimately unfulfilling. Le sigh.

Photo by Laura Musselman of Seattle Weekly

"Byrning down the House" That tag line is so clever but I can't take credit for it. It was how Mikel Toombs titled his experience, someone inside the auditorium lit up a doobie, which I felt was slightly disrespectful to the venue--we are not at Coachella, people. Anyway, Ken is a huge Talking Heads/David Byrne fan and was just eating it up. I do like David Byrne and recognized a few of the songs but it was not about me. The first song he did really got my attention because it showcased his vocal range and clarity. He is a consumate performer and had little artistic surprises including the white-clad random dancers who added a comic touch to the evening. But for one of the encores, he sang Burning Down the House and everyone on stage from backup singers to musicians to David Byrne himself were wearing tutus. Inspired and memorable.

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