Thursday, February 05, 2009

Unintended consequences of 25 Things

Ugh. I've totally neglected the blog. Apologies. Something more insidious and self-indulgent has been sucking a lot of my free time away without even seeming like it. It's known as "The Facebook". Actually I like it well enough for the amazing way it brings people together through space and time. Not too long ago I connected with one of my first friends from kindergarten. I found out he's a psychology professor on the East Coast. And many of my high school classmates have reconnected to me after years of me wondering "whatever happened to ...?"

But I have to be honest, this latest craze (meme) sweeping Facebook called "25 Things about Me" (random or otherwise) crosses the line of narcissistic exhibitionism.
Two disclaimers right off the bat: (1) I know that blogging can be yet another form of narcissistic exhibitionism. I know that. (2) The "25 things" list IS inherently interesting to nosy people like me so yeah, I read them.

But it feels like I'm looking in my friends' bedroom windows. Some of them are sharing WAY too much about themselves. Guys, did you know that Facebook stores all that quirky, random information about you and can use it? You're basically telling uncle Facebook some of your most personal details and you don't think there's not a price for that? That's all I'm saying. So don't be surprised if this brings some unintended consequences.


Tracy said...

you know what else the latest craze is? people using the word meme. so there. :-)
It's like working at Real and using the word ubiquitous.


Kali Sakai said...

Unfortunately the word meme has been around for awhile and early bloggers I was following a few years ago would use it. I didn't like it then but it never caught on. But now, if the meme fits...