Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thanksgiving Roundup

Thanksgiving this year was a West Coast affair. (No rapping unfortunately.) We drove down to Portland and stayed with Mom & Cindy. This was the first Thanksgiving and first major holiday in their new house. Having a lot more room was great and the food was notably fabulous. Usually you have a sampling of dishes that are good and some that are ok but everything this year was delicious. Nothing strayed too far from traditional but that's fine with me. They did 2 turkeys: one on the BBQ and one in the oven. The BBQ turkey was moist and smokey in flavor. The oven turkey provided the drippings for the gravy and had more of an herbal (rosemary) infusion--but less moist for some reason. Austin's mashed potatoes were suburb as always ("the way America used to taste...") and the apple pie my mom & brother made from my great-aunt's recipe turned out heavenly. My contribution to the meal was to bring some hummus from our farmers' market, help figure out the seating and table arrangements, warm up the peas and shoot lots and lots of video that culminates in this little retrospective... Friday afternoon, my cousin Angela and brother Austin came over and we made the traditional Italian Christmas cookies called pizzelles. We tend to do this every year now as it's an expected treat to have on hand around the holidays. (Yes, Joyce some are on their way to you!) Here is a short video of some of the lighter moments: Friday night we accompanied my father to a festive game-night party that his staff throws on a quarterly basis. The mandate this time was to wear a tacky Christmas sweater and bring really bad food. What showed up was beans & franks, twinkies, spam, mac & cheese, freezer pizza, rice krispie treats, cream puffs, hostess cupcakes and so forth. Not a healthy nor organic thing to be found--aye. We all split up into little groups and played board games. I learned how to play backgammon also. But the best part was toward the end during a game Ken and Austin were playing. It required players to finish an old saying and then determine which answer was actually correct. Austin, being the clever one that he is, graced the world with these treasures, his answers in italic. Better to be the head of a lizard than...the punella of Gary Coleman. Caress your dog and he will...roll over for the Nazis. The biggest nuts are...getting the most lovin'. In the weekend, we spent a fun morning with the Grimsruds, riding the fairly new OHSU Tram and running around on the skybridge. It's a very space-age looking set up and quite a fun time. I never thought going to the hospital would be a fun adventure but when it's turned into a ride--oh yes. Megan and Gunnar seemed to have a blast and it's always great to get some time with Sue. Here's some pics: During our stay, we also visited Burgerville twice and saw the movie Australia which is notable for trying to pack four movies into one really long one while maximizing the screen time of an oiled and often shirtless Hugh Jackman. Ahem. A fun-filled holiday with family and friends!

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