Monday, December 08, 2008

Down to "The Wire"

Everyone, and there is no exception, has raved about the HBO series, The Wire. We received the first disk from Netflix last week and invited Sean & Shannon to come behold the first few episodes of what some people call "the best show on television ever." If you live in a cave without cable or Internet or other people and have never heard of this show, it's about the Baltimore police department and the drug pushing community it polices. It's noteworthy for its "grit" and "reality." I had some reservations before even sitting down with this show, wondering if the hype would live up to what was actually on the screen.

The opening scene's dialogue did not sound like the characters were saying things as much as actors were reciting a script. Not a strong start if you ask me. But indeed it did get better and more interesting.

Don't get me wrong by episode 3, I can recognize that this is a great show--great characters, great story, great visualization. But in my old age, I don't have the stomach for all the tussling and the corruption and the backstabbing--of the Baltimore Police Department. There's a definite aspect of brutality and everyone smokes and cops drink alcohol in their squad cars on the duty then drive--it's now a pattern established in the first 3 shows. The drug pusher's world is intensely "gritty" and even more dire. I'm sure if I wasn't so hung up on these things, I'd enjoy the show more. But as I told Ken, every moment I watch it, I'm just waiting for someone to pull out a gun and shoot someone else. And I can't take that kind of anxiety. It's why we stopped watching Lost half-way through the first season--it was just too stressful. Perhaps if real life weren't so grim, I'd find this concept more "entertaining." But as it is...I don't know, maybe I'm just a big ole whiner.

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Tracy said...

ya, pretty much you're being a big ol' whiner. :-)
it's really one of the best shows. addictive. like crack!