Thursday, July 03, 2008

Summertime Home Improvement

Inside and out we are making changes! Back when we remodeled the kitchen, we had our designer imagine some updates to our living and dining room. Mostly that was paint color recommendations and moving some stuff around. These colors, the adobe red called "Carrot Cake" and muted yellow called "Coin Purse" (who names these things?), are in the palettes of what she suggested but not the exact colors. The original "red" was a bit too orangy and since our bedroom is already orange, we wanted to get a bit farther away from it. But back in early April we were thoroughly spent by the kitchen activities so we waited a few months to take up the project again. Invigorated by use of a much more efficient kitchen and missing chaotic piles o' sh*t stacked in the living room, we decided to delve back in. Prior to leaving for the East Coast we called our favorite painters C&C Painting Company and scheduled them to come over when we returned. What a wonderful job they did! I think we'll be spend our 4th of July moving things around and figuring out the new arrangement. Which is totally fine with me because it's supposed to rain. And because we like to "multi-task" so much, on the outside we are finishing what we started. Two years ago we had two sides of our house and our chimney tuckpointed. It was a dirty endeavor but very important. All I have to say is that this needs to be finished in time for our BBQ at the end of the month.

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