Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My other car is a Zamboni.

Our neighbor Ian (#8) played his last game of summer league hockey last night in Kingsgate. Our friend Sarah learned this at Ken's party Saturday and enthusiastically signed up for the cheering section. As a former player and the fact that she and Mika live 5 minutes from the ice rink, was there any other place we would be going last night? Though we were the only spectators besides Ian's wife and the goalie's girlfriend, we sat blissfully under heat lamps, eating Fig Newtons and marveling at how those guys stay upright on skates. Afterwards we headed over to the Carribean Casino, where we had (very cheap) drinks and decided we must go back there again soon, if only for the atmosphere, the purple drinks and 80's-riffic music selection. My brother, Austin has been playing hockey for about 2 years up in Pullman and it's a very intense sport to be sure. Lots of stinky gear and padding. But I hope to see a game of his at some point.
Yah for Ian and his team of dark shirts!

Penalty Box Time for High Sticking

Sarah sez, that's hers. Picture slide show of the evening:

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