Friday, July 18, 2008

More about the Coast Trip

The trip to the coast was a blend of the old and new. Since our grandparents used to make an annual event of going to Seaside when we where young, being there with my cousin, brother & mom seemed quite familiar. But as I've gotten older, trips to the beach are now about getting away from things and relaxing as opposed to trips in my youth which were about thrill-seeking and keeping busy at all times. Mom and Cindy rented a good sized house with an amazing view of the Manzanita Beach. It was situated on top of a cliff that afforded spectacular views but more difficult beach access. Also in Manzanita there is a homemade pie shop. Have you ever seen such a thing? It's right off 101 as you come into Manzanita. Unbelievable homemade pies with the fresh fruits of the area and season. We had 2 nights of it. So good. There was no shortage of food and each person, or couple set, took turns cooking the major meals. In the evenings we played games or watched a DVD. The weather was incredible--especially for the Oregon Coast with 4 days of sustained sun and higher temps. But poor Austin did not have his own bedroom. He had to sleep in the living room area on his choice of a sofa or a hide-a-bed. Next time, and Mom's made it clear that the success of this trip signals a new annual tradition, they'll shoot for enough bedrooms for everyone. I notice as I get older, my tolerance for "foreign" beds is getting smaller and smaller. This trip was no exception. As we read the notes left by other visitors, bed quality was the number one complaint. I remember when all I needed was a blanket & pillow and I could set up camp on a floor anywhere. Long gone are those days. Good food, great company, awesome memories. Until next year... Cindy took many good shots during our stay at the beach. (In fact, she has a photo exhibition about Myanmar Burma starting on August 1st through 31st at Winestock, a Wine bar in Oregon City.) But here is my most favorite of her pics from the Coast trip: Does it make you laugh as it makes me laugh? Austin clearly has a new take on those picture-opp head cut-outs. Muy bueno. Some others of Cindy's...

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