Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving -- East Coast Style

I have to tell you, this Thanksgiving was like no other I've ever experienced. First of all, it was 70 degrees here in Virginia which is at or near record breaking temps for this time of year. "Delightful" is all I can say because we all ate outside at one long table.

Second, Ken's folks hosted 31 people here at their Onancock home. Joyce, Ken's mom, deserves a great deal of credit for organizing and cooking a beautiful bird & ham for that many. Smartly, she made the event a potluck so everyone chipped in. The granddaughers did a stellar job at clean-up and Duke shucked pre-meal oysters/clams like a pro. I tried to help where I could, wiping out wine glasses and washing a second wave of dishes (sorry Mom, no pics of that). But when the gibblets were done & needed dicing for the gravy, I had to bolt. Dude, that's turkey organs. I'm not touching that.

A lot of the grandkids had boyfriends/girlfriends and one of the daughter-in-laws brought her mother so it was quite a group--festive and chaotic (the good kind).

(Click Picture for enlarged view.)

Third, Ken was designated to say grace. We decided to do a version that was completely audible and has a little more production value. All I can say is, he knocked it out of the park surprising all of us with this little diddy. And great support by cousin Thomas aka "THX Practical".

Click here for lyrics.

Here's a very short but audio fluctuating clip of Ken's actual T-Giving performance:

Happy Thanksgiving from the Eastern Shore of Virginia!

All photos by Kelly Shannahan.


Sean said...

Very creative T-day toast. You two bring "it" wherever you go!

Black Thursday said...

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i made a blog for my band
i had agreat christmas how bout you
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