Sunday, November 18, 2007

Looking at Heathcare Options

Well it appears that the warming socks helped soothe, but not yet cure, my ear ache. I am anxious for this to subside and worried that flying could make it worse. According to some quick research on the Internets, if you have an ear ache for longer than 24 hours, you need to be seen as it could be a bad infection. So I have a short list of providers if I need to make a call tomorrow. While I was researching this, I stumbled across the revelation of not putting anything in your ears: like fingers, cotton swabs or paperclips. Paperclips? Now who does that?

Lately I've been doing my part at keeping our health care system alive and well. My new thing is a more natural approach to treatment and along with the naturopath, I have been doing acupuncture, abdominal massage and getting chiropractic sessions.

Contrary to the popular opinion that chiropractic treatment is all cracking and quackery, I have found a fantastic provider who has an amazing and gentle approach. From what she explained, chiropractic was based on facilitating body systems to heal themselves by removing "obstacles" which manifest as tension in the body. While it's generally thought that chiropractors focus on the back & spine, my gal says it's the nervous system with which she works on, freeing up tension with acupressure-like treatment. Serendipitously, both my naturopath and my friend, Tracy, recommended this same doctor.

Abdominal massage is a trip and if you have any issues with digestion, I recommend it. While not usually very common to get your abdomen massaged, when you do focus on it--wow. Obviously we have a sheath of muscles along our abdomen (but some of us no longer have a 6-pack) and under it are a bunch of organs. Like the East Coast states, I have a general idea of where my abdominal organs are but I wouldn't really be able to pinpoint their exact locations. My understanding is that abdominal is a massage specialty involving more training and expertise because of all the anatomy and organ work involved.
At one point last week, the masseuse was pressing down and it was tender.
So I asked her, "What is that?"
She said, "Your next bowel movement."
Fantastic! See how much you would learn about yourself? And it goes from there. A lot of tension and emotion is stored in our abdomens and of course our reproductive systems are down there too so there is a lot of benefit to give some attention to that area of the body, especially if you're a tense little monkey like me.

I have high hopes for these treatments and am starting to feel some benefits already. I would encourage anyone who is wanting a level of medical care that takes into account the body's own healing ability and connectedness with the cause/effects of stress to look into these types of treatments. If for nothing else, it's good to know you have options.

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