Saturday, November 17, 2007

November never liked me

Please excuse the long hiatus.

Ever since we got back from California, there have been lots of things to do and attend to here. The sprint from Halloween to Thanksgiving is usually uneventful aside from the horrifying reminder in any store or public place that Christmas is coming. Aye, Christmas and it's commercialism. I've been doing shopping online and that makes me happy to know that I've avoided the throngs of insane shoppers and the aimless hunt for a parking space that can zap your will to live.

But November is always 'blah' for me. I associate bad things with November probably because the weather really switches over to rainy & windy (gives the song November Rain a little more meaning) and back in high school I got cheated on twice by my boyfriend in 2 successive Novembers. So November is not my favorite.

But two special ladies celebrate their birthdays this month, Sue & Karen--so I guess it's not all bad.

In other news, I've been seeing a naturopath these last few months and under the homeopathy regimen she has me on, I seriously could feel my immune system and digestive system working better. Normally, I'm a sickly little creature, always prone to catching things but up until a few days ago, I've felt great. But all good things do come to an end because I fell prey to some bug that has manifested itself as an earache with a slight sore throat. No mucus though (knock on wood).

This has me a tad panicked because we leave for Virginia (via plane) Wednesday and anyone who has flown with with compromised immunity knows that things can get very, very bad when you are pressurized and breathing recycled air of others who are in varied states of sickness and health. So aside from all the normal things one does to stave off an illness, I am doing something my ND calls "Warming Socks Treatment." (I guess it might be called different things by different NDs.) Anyway the gist of it is: soak your feet in hot water then put on wet cold cotton socks then put on dry wool socks then wrap yourself (& feet) in a blanket or get into bed. I am sitting at the computer wrapped like a mummy in some blankets. I probably should have waited until I was ready to go to bed and do this but I was excited to try it. What it's supposed to do is draw the body's energy in warming the feet and thus increasing circulation to the body and away from the head/sinus which is what inspires congestion/mucus. I'm not eager to load myself up with crazy drugs and stuff so I'm giving this naturopathic thing a try. Yes, my feet feel weird.

Hey, just in the time I've been writing this entry my ear ache has lessened. Amazing. No joke.

I'll pick this up tomorrow and tell you more exciting stories about my foray into alternative medicine.

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