Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mokai Productions 1st Original Song: "Amy's In Amsterdam"

This all started when I asked Ken to forgo playing Wii Tanks Tuesday night after work and spend some time interacting with me. He was riffing on the piano as I cleared the dinner plates. While he played I made up lyrics about Oliver, an endless inspiration for songs about anal grooming, vacant looks and unexplainable behavior. But eventually we crossed over into other subject matter and lyrics about our friends started coming out--specifically our friend Amy who just left for Amsterdam. Armed with a few tidbits of knowledge about the Netherlands and a recent email from Amy, we set out to write a song called "Amy's In Amsterdam." Personally, it's a bit cringe-worthy in spots but it was so much fun to make and Ken, who not only is a consummate musician and audio tech wiz, made it look so easy. So now I'm like why haven't we written & recorded songs before? Hear the song (MP3)! CLICK HERE Read the lyrics! CLICK HERE


Sean said...


Everyone needs friends like you two.

Danny V. said...

That's freakin' awesome. No Chocolate Rain, but well done!

Anonymous said...

great! sounds like you guys had a blast making it. has Amy heard it yet?

love b