Sunday, September 09, 2007

Good Day for the Cougs @ Qwest Field

After a slow and scary start, the WSU Cougs emerged victorious against the San Diego State Sp(a)ztecs. (Someone who went there said that's what they themselves call the team.) The WSU receiving corp & the quarterback were phenomenal once they found their rhythm. In my many years of cursorily keeping track of this team, I have never noticed such a well-coordinated offense. Usually it's the defense saving every one's behind but this time the defense looked um, slightly overwhelmed. Shannon and I lamented that the Jaws theme + the ridiculous vertical clap that has become synonymous with Cougar defense is a confusing message to both the players & fans and should be retired as soon as possible. Anyway, it was a beautiful day in Seattle, perfect temperature and not a cloud in the sky. To kick things off, a six-member Navy SEAL parachute jumping team LANDED on the field. Amazing. More pics of that in the album and this guy barely made it around the roof edge. But these are experts--I'm sure it was not as close as it seemed. Dad secured some excellent seats down low on the 50-yd line. Among other friends of Dad's, Sean & Shannon joined us for their first Coug football game in a long while. They visited WSU West and got some new Coug Gear. They look very stylish just in time for the game and for Fashion Week. The pretzel completes the ensemble, don't you think? And let it be said that the Huskies had a good day yesterday as well, (surprisingly) beating the #22 team Boise State. Since that game ended prior to the start of ours, I can only surmise that this death-wish prone Husky fan strutted through the student section due to sheer boredom and abject stupidity. He attracted a lot of attention as cups, food and other things hurdled toward his head. Overall, a fabulous day all around. Maybe next year we'll make arrangements to do some tailgating since this game brought a bunch of other friends out. So put it on your calendar: Cougar Gridiron Classic 2008 (what they call this annual exhibition game now) is on August 30 versus Oklahoma State. Can't wait! Full album HERE.

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