Monday, September 10, 2007

Breaking up: Fruity Cherrios + Me

A helpful reader responded to the Fruity Cherrios post and the honeymoon's officially over.

"What else is in Fruity Cheerios?
Well like Froot Loops it's also got such yummies as Red 40,
Yellow 6, Blue 1 and butylated hydroxytoluene (listed as BHT on the box).

What's BHT?

Well BHT is produced by an alkylation reaction of p-cresol with isobutylene
and it's used not only as a food additive, but also in cosmetics,
pharmaceuticals, jet fuels, rubber, petroleum products, and embalming fluid
(according to Wikipedia). As a food additive BHT has been banned in Japan,
Romania, Sweden, England and Australia and the Center for Science in the Public Interest recommends it be avoided whenever possible."

This is a very sad day.

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