Saturday, January 27, 2007

Roundup: Brunch, Tiger Balm, Palm Springs & Grey's

Today Sue & I co-hosted a girls' brunch here at the house. Sue came up from Portland for a quick overnight getaway. We managed not to burn down the house and served bacon, homemade waffles & quiche. I have a lot of respect for restaurants after doing events like this. Timing is crucial and, especially in our kitchen, clever maneuvering and working in tight quarters are tough.
Of course, it's always such a hoot to get the ladies together. One of the most colorful conversations involved the topic of "poop," cross-referenced with husbands, children and nicknames. We know how to live and I'm sure the mimosas helped.


Regarding my recent neck issues, I'm still slightly sore when I turn my head but much better because Sue introduced me to the magic of Tiger Balm. (Think BenGay from Singapore with a little more heat.) Works quite well for the sore muscles but whatever you do, don't apply it then rub your eye. Trust me on this one.


Looks like we will be going to Palm Springs for a few days with Dad at the end of February for "fun in the sun." Since none of us golf, this will probably mean lounging at the pool for some period of time. Uggh. Usually, that means "bikini wax". I'm not sure I have it in me to do it this early in the year. Typically I save such a blessed event for our East Coast summer trips.


My thoughts on Grey's Anatomy:
1) I am against firing the dude playing Burke. This has gotten enough press already. Seriously, like he's the only one who ever made a disparaging remark of a discriminatory nature in the history of show business. He's getting counseling and doing public service. Let's move on.
2) In last week's episode there was one too many engagements. I trust the writers to take us down the path but damn, two engagements in one show?
3) Just so that everyone knows, it's "FERRIES" not "FERRY BOATS."


Pedometer reading: 11,000 steps so far today. Kicking it!

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laf said...

OMG ~ I totally stumbled on your blog but am dying laughing at your writing style... and I mean that in a really good way! You write like I talk and write, like you are sitting across the living room from me, Indian style on a pillow, drinking from a glass of something stronger than milk, (or milk... it doesn't really matter does it? LOL) on a rainy day just chit-chatting. Your blog is fun and current and as soon as I figure out how to do so, I will be subscribing (is that the technically correct term?)... I'm new to it all, but never thought I'd get such a bonus by searching for information on the coccyx! giggle... thank you for the "like a tiny box of jelly beans in the bottom of your purse, and they are still edible" kind of surprise! I hope your day is going by with as many smiles as you surely bring to others... take care. Laurie