Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Pain in my Ass, pt. 1

Yesterday morning I awoke with great pain emanating from my coccyx (tailbone). On a scale from 1 (nothing) to 10 (ballistic), it was a 9. One would assume that the snow and ice here in Seattle had something to do with it but unfortunately I have no harrowing story about slipping on the sidewalk or snowboarding in the mountains. I simply woke up and couldn't roll over, sit up or walk without a stab of pain bolting up the base of my spine.
Moving around required laser-focused concentration that I usually reserve for bomb defusing and watching Grey's Anatomy. I seriously couldn't talk and move at the same time. But the complete dependence on another human being was completely humbling...and scary. (Many hearts and flowers to Ken who answered every beckon with a smile and had the patience of an angel.)

Heat, ice, Tylenol & bed rest summed up yesterday. Doctor's office was most of today and upon waking this morning, the pain was hovering at an 8 but my body may just be getting used to it. They took a slew of X-rays in addition to an exam and gave me a magic shot that I am still enjoying 6 hours later. Now pain is at a 2 but this won't last. Because the films were inconclusive, I am having an MRI tomorrow. Possible theories on my condition: disk damage or a fracture. WTF?

One never thinks about the tailbone until you hurt it. Laughing, sneezing, coughing, bending walking & sitting on the toilet affect this area directly. Usually you have to do something pretty obvious to injure yourself: falling on one's ass or racking a balance beam to name a few. The only thing physical I did on Monday before all of this was take a long 45 minute walk in the afternoon. It was cold but I was feeling good, getting the heart pumping and the muscles moving. No issues upon getting back to the house. My masseuse thinks this might have something to do with my hyper-extensive joints. (Is the tailbone considered a joint?) We'll just have to see.

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