Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Pain in my Ass, pt. 2

Today, I endured a 25-minute claustrophobic tube of noise* also known as an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Results are due on Monday.

* The machine makes a tremendous amount of noise during a scan. The noise sounds like a continual, rapid hammering. Patients are given earplugs to muffle the noise. The noise is due to the rising electrical current in the wires of the gradient magnets being opposed by the main magnetic field. The stronger the main field, the louder the gradient noise." © 1998-2007 HowStuffWorks, Inc.

But what a difference a day makes... It's a song I would sing to the anti-inflammatory shot they gave me yesterday. I woke up this morning and the sharp mind-blowing pain was gone. This could still be something muscular or a nerve thing. But now the only problem I have is that my mid & upper back have been compensating so I feel like I've gone a few rounds with Van Damme. But the soreness is a welcome condition.

The crazy part was that first night, when the pain violently struck like a fitful viper. I thought, what if this is how I'm going to feel everyday from now on? You hear about people who live with chronic pain and how it changes them. All I could focus on was how many steps was it to the bathroom, if I breathe with shorter breaths will it hurt less, do I really want my slippers enough to endure the pain to cross the room? I hold new found respect for people who live with injuries and disabilities yet make it though each day. I also realize how demoralizing it can feel to have to rely on people for things you once did easily by yourself. Nevertheless, I am grateful and humbled.

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