Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tastes like Victory

Does it get much better than this: the Dems take control of both the House & Senate, Rumsfeld resigns and Britney files for divorce from K-Freeloader? Don’t wake me if I’m dreaming!

I was so nervous last night. Both Ken and I had our laptops up on CNN, refreshing the pages on the national and local races every few minutes as NPR live coverage blared over the living room speakers. I felt so invested in this election that I have a holdover migrane today from the suspense of it all. Aye.

As the results poured in last night, the numbers got better. And I felt a great sense of …relief. Relief that I am not crazy. When GW first got elected, I was annoyed but I thought, “How much harm can he do? He’s got Colin Powell and other smart people around him. They won’t let him mess up too much.” And as we all know, lots of shit went down. So when it came time for re-election, I thought, well now we can throw this bum out. But to my surprise, more people than not wanted to give him a second term.

For the first time in my life, I began to feel like I didn’t know my own country. Who were these brain-washed people portrayed in the media as Middle American, church-going, Walmart-shopping, mini-van driving, average citizens who believed this guy and his party were the ticket to run the most powerful nation in the world? I began to feel like a misfit and, you know, edging toward a Brad-Pitt-12-Monkeys brand of crazy. Meanwhile, the country was swinging toward intolerance, conservatism and fear-mongering. You know how sometimes you joke about moving to Canada? Well we actually started to talk about it. “Vancouver BC isn’t that far away,” I’d say.

I would lament how my great-grandparents immigrated to this country to give their families a better life. And how ironic that after all their sacrifice, I would now consider giving it all up. But today, I felt like this horrible nightmare that has been the Bush Administration & Republican Crusade for Absolute Power is over. It’s like everyone woke up from their apathy naps and decided to reclaim the country. I am proud of this country again.

You have to watch these politicians. They’re a different breed of person. Ken’s brother, Ed, who is a Republican (but we love him anyway) said the other night, “We may disagree politically, but I think we do agree that these races have gotten dirty and no one is untarnished.” It’s true, what kind of sane, smart person would submit themselves (and their families) to the level of scrutiny in the public eye? The reason can only be either: (1) someone who is dying to serve their country or (2) someone who is dying to get their hands on power and influence. The latter will always play a part because we are human. But it’s the former that gives me a little hope to hang on and see what’s next for America.

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Anonymous said...

This article is worthy of a Newsweek "Your Turn" article or one of those free response Couric spots on CBS.

The last sentence in the last paragraph got me.

I think your sentiments in the earlier paragraphs speak for clear-headed people throughout the US. You captured our voice and wrote it out simply.

Run for office!

You have what it takes without the need to hire a speechwriter. Just keep counsel to your own voice and you're in.