Thursday, November 30, 2006

Add snow, remove brain

A lot of people like snow.... and I am not one of them. Whether skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding or just walking down the sidewalk, something about playing in the fluffy white drifts of the frozen tundra makes some people so excited for Winter that they just can't wait. As for me, besides my deep and abiding fear of sliding and falling, I also don't like being cold. It puts a big damper on enjoying the snow. But the worst thing about the recent snow we've had in Seattle is that it takes an already dysfunctional transit system and reduces it to a "survival of the fittest" SUV contest. While I admire the show-must-go-on attitude of those who insist on driving in inclement weather, sometimes people don't think. Consider the many hills here in Seattle and the coefficient of ice friction, all riding on a misplaced confidence in all-weather tires. This is what you get: All photos by Mike Siegel of the Seattle Times.

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