Sunday, November 26, 2006

Running Man

Today, in the wee early hours of the cold morning with rain/snow coming down, Ken (along with 5000 others) ran the Seattle Half Marathon (13.1 miles) and finished in just under two hours. Way to go honey!


Danny V. said...

Da dun-na da dun na, du dun-ah da da... Well done, Kenny! I'm very proud of you. And to have not only completed it, but in crappy weather as well. Impressive!

Your my hero, man.

Anonymous said...

Good job Ken. How are the knees? I like the pics.

David said...

After looking only at the first picture I figured that Ken just jumped in front of some actual runners for a quick photo op.

...but unless he mugged one of them and took their safety pinned number I'll have to concede that he actually did run a very long way (on purpose apparently).

Good job Kenner!