Sunday, October 29, 2006

Video Roundup

The Internet is awash with media and some of it is even worth watching.

(1) Keith Olbermann on Habeas Corpus (a.k.a. determining whether or not a person is imprisoned lawfully and whether they should be released from custody). Why does this matter to me as a law abiding and legal citizen of this country? Listen for a mention about Japanese-Americans. That didn't just happen to "other" people.

(2) A new approach to episodic entertainment: the internet soap opera "Sam Has 7 Friends." Written and directed by four gentlemen from LA, two of them Cougs (Chris Hampel & Doug Cheney). Produced by Mr. Marcus and crewed by many other talented and fabulous WSU alumni.
Check out:

(3) Dove's short film "Evolution of a Model" --an eye opening look how beauty is made. (Thanks to Anne for sending this).

(4) My favorite South Park character, even though I'm lactose intolerant.

(5) Robot Chicken shows what really happened after the Death Star blew up...

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