Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Potty Training with Trains!

This started out as a something I just wrote for myself so I wouldn't ever [let Calvin] forget. Potty training our son was so different and took longer than the experience with our daughter. Figuring out what motivated each of them was key but it's so easy to get spooked and convince yourself that potty training a boy will be so difficult. It was all about incentive, attitude and, crazy but true, it was spelled out clear as day: potty TRAIN.

Here's my piece on Parentmap.com detailing the ordeal. 

Thomas the Train and his knowing smile
Pro tip: "If I’ve learned anything about potty training, it's that both the kid and the parents must be on board with the process." 

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ruby said...

Nice article. Lots of humor and patience. Enjoyed hearing about your process!