Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Frozen Frenzy

I know we're late to the party on this but we officially have been "Frozen"-over here. Sidney has joined the legion of young girls who LOVE the Elsa and Anna. We have not helped to quell this either by giving her an Elsa dress and making her an Elsa castle for her birthday.  I think Ken and I were waiting to see if things would fade and that would be a big "nope".

But honestly I see why Disney was a little surprised by the popularity and success of Frozen.  It's just not their strongest work. For instance, despite finding Mandy Moore grating in real life, I find her delightful as Rapunzel. I also think "Tangled" has a much more cohesive, emotionally satisfying and relatable story.  And don't get me started about that lantern release scene--I tear up every time. But Frozen, yeah, Anna seems to be the only character with a little depth, the only one who is slightly relatable. Though I find it hard to believe she has no anger or resentment from being cut off from her sister and cooped up from the world.  That doesn't quite seem believable to me.

1. Nordic Story?
My assumption from the dress designs, multitude of white people, trading post guy, mention of "fjords" and general coldness lead me to assume this story is based on Nordic tradition. Though I feel a little unsure about this (see troll people).

2. How the parents dealt with Elsa
You discover your eldest born has magical powers that become uncontrollable when she's scared or angry and the best you can do is lock her in her room for the rest of her childhood?  Good plan Mom and Dad. That DEFINITELY won't be a problem later.  And if the trolls know so much, why doesn't she go and live with them for awhile--maybe they can teach her something, considering they are "love experts." Dangerous, magical powers and no guidance, that should end well.

3. Parents in general
In true Disney fashion, the creators of Frozen dispatched with the parents when the girls were teenagers in an accident at sea. Parents in Disney movies are like red shirts in Star Trek, destined to die unless they're Scottish and then they can stay.

4. The songs
Everyone went crazy over the signature song "Let It Go."  Truly Idina Menzel sang the s**t out of it.  But I find myself drawn more to the layered duet of "Love is an Open Door" and the cleverness of "In Summer" more.  As a musical palette, the songs are all over the place. "First Time in Forever" and "Fixer Upper"--meh.

5. The troll/rock people
As long as we're talking about the troll people, they are the one element in this story that confuses me every time I see them.

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