Monday, February 04, 2013

Six Months

I remember when Sidney hit 6 months, we took our first airplane ride with her for our first major family vacation: Hawaii.  So now that Calvin has crossed that line, I suppose we ought to start thinking about exotic destinations, right?  (I laugh maniacally then stop.)

No matter how you slice it, six months is a major milestone.  Calvin is sleeping through the night (mostly), sitting up (with the occasional teeter) and eating pureed foods.  He can hold a bottle himself, roll over, scoot on his tummy backwards and stay standing up while holding onto the coffee table.  Ken can't wait for him to start "exploring" but I can already tell he is going to get into everything in his quest for discovery.  I was secretly hoping we could delay it as long as possible but resistance seems futile.

He started out on the round colorful mat and moved himself to where he's pictured.

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Diana O- said...

aww so cute