Friday, February 01, 2013


On Monday this house lay in the cross-hairs of epic contagion as (1) I contracted some kind of stomach virus, (2) Sidney spiked a high temp + cough and (3) Calvin kept exploding out of his diapers with regrettable diarrhea.  Ken just bunkered down in his man cave hoping to make it through.  Turns out, my stomach illness was just a 24-hour thing and Calvin's deal was the unfortunate confluence of outgrowing size 3 diapers and trying new solid foods.  

But Sidney looked like a wet noodle, poor thing, and I began to have flashbacks of last November when we lost a whole month to the flu with the bonus of infecting members of my extended family at Thanksgiving.  After that, I vowed that I would not let illness-via-germ-hoarding-children ruin our lives for the next 10 to 15 years.  

Say what you will about homeopathy and naturopaths, but I say it can't hurt.  I consulted mine in early January and loaded up.  Western medicine is pragmatic about "wash your hands, take Vitamin C, don't rub your eyes" which is great and everything.  But what it doesn't do is pull you back from the brink or give you any defense after your 3-year-old coughs right in your face just as you are wiping her butt and you can't use your hands to shield yourself.  This week especially though, I felt like a broken record saying to Sidney: "Stay away from your brother!" "Don't touch his hands!" "Use a tissue!"   I went so far as to separate the kids on different floors so that she could cough, snot and watch her Disney movies on loop in the basement while Calvin bounced in his Jumperoo uninfected.  A 5-month-old can't take anything for colds other than saline spray and that's pretty ineffective.

Alarmingly, I felt myself starting to slip into the clutch of cold-land.  But with a combo of astragalus and echinacea in forms of a tincture, throat spray and chewables, plus extra Vitamin C, Gypsy Cold Care Tea and lots of OCD hand washing, that did the trick.  Per the naturopath, I also gave Sidney some special drops and she recovered much more quickly than last time (intra-week in fact)--she's been fever-free for over 48 hours and much less nasal drainage & coughing than before.  She even went to school today.  So BRAVO Eastern Medicine--don't let anyone give you any crap.  

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Diana O- said...

Yay on feeling better. I hear yah on the OCD hand washing and the "stay away from the baby" talk that was me about a week and 1/2 ago. Gooo homeopathic remedies!