Saturday, August 20, 2011

O Canada! Sidney and Orange Cup

Dear Orange Cup:
I'm not sure how you captured the imagination of my daughter so completely but I hope that you enjoyed our recent trip to the Canadian Rockies.  We certainly saw a lot together, didn't we?  From the heights of the Banff Gondola to the swanky decor of the Fairmont Hotel to the icy cold waters of Lake Louise to the sand & gravel at the Canmore playground--we did it all.  You were even front and center on the airplane to and from Seattle as well as close at hand first thing in the morning to the last thing at night.  It's not every toy that makes it into this echelon of attachment.
It's going to be interesting when Sidney starts co-op next month because, like monkey, you will have to stay in the car for we would never want to lose you but, more importantly, we wouldn't want any one fighting over you since you are truly a "one-girl" cup.  We can tell what's between you and Sidney is special and we will try to support your relationship as best we can.  But as you know, Sidney is young and has many more toys to know and experience so as we remain open to that possibility--we hope you will as well.

Sidney's Momma

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