Sunday, August 21, 2011

O Canada! Part 3: Lake Louise

Everyone was feeling well enough to hop in the van and cruise an hour NW to the crown jewel of the Canadian Rockies also known as Lake Louise. I had heard it was spectacular and it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The towering grey peaks reverently surround the basin of turquoise blue water full of glacial mineral sediment. It reminds me of how old the earth is and how what we think of “long time” is really nothing at all when you think about when and how all these peaks and valleys for formed.

Sidney loved scooping water out of Lake Louise with her ever-present orange cup. Luckily there were slate platforms every now an then along the trail around the lake that allowed you to get right up to the water’s edge without disturbing the plant life or precariously balancing on large rocks around the perimeter. And that cup went everywhere with us. I think it ultimately saw more of the Canadian Rockies than Ken did.

These look like paintings but their not.  They are real, yo.

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