Sunday, June 19, 2011

Extra pics of the Butchart Gardens? Why, no...

Despite the fact that both Ken and I couldn't be less interested in gardening and yard work, we tend to keep buying houses that require a ton of maintenance and/or expertise in the "yard arts." The funny part about buying and moving into this house with an elaborately established landscape was that every plant that blooms is a surprise.  Since they were dormant and all "sleeping" back in December, we had no idea what color things were or even what they were.  Luckily we have great help from Box of Rain Landscape on keeping the garden healthy, well laid-out, mulched and properly pruned.  And then the rest of the time we just wander around the garden gaping at it all.  There is also a bit of fruit planted as well: blueberries, raspberries, Italian plums, grapes & figs.  We still need to figure out when to harvest that stuff.  It's ridiculous.

Things said in this household since the Spring:
"The front rhododendrons are pink!  And the ones in the backyard are lavender!
"We have Bearded Iris."
"We have Tiger Lilies."
"We have Calla Lilies."
"We have a ____ load of figs."
"Roses, hello!"
"What are all these little purple flowers?"

This is a peony.  My Facebook friends told me so.

1 of 2 massive fig trees.  I've never eaten a fresh fig--that will soon change.

Ken endeavors to plant some pea plants he's sprouted for Sidney which could be the gateway to a vegetable garden.  This ought to be interesting.


Tracy said...

girl! you have a fig tree?? Can I have some when they are ready? so jealous!

Anne said...

The purple flowers are another type of Iris. Lovely yard!