Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stuff Sidney is up to...

Since we have a whole blog devoted to Sidney, I don't tend to write about her directly here very often.  But she just recently turned 19 months and she's really a pistol, as they say.  Funny, clever and definitely knows what she wants.
  • Tonight in the bath Sidney was able to count to ten (with a little coaching from Daddy).  It was delightful to watch and funny when she said five comes after two.  
  • In the last week or so, I've noticed that she interacts in an "engrossed" way with her stuffed animals and voicing what they are saying.  She can play with them for extended periods of time and is quite content.  And then for no apparent reason, she will vigorously rub monkey's face on her face.  It's quite surprising.
  • She gleefully strides about the house, shrieking and squealing like giving a proclamation that something awesome is about to happen.
  • She LOVES Caspar Babypants (kids musician) especially his song "Run Baby Run" which has lots of fun physical directives (running, singing, clapping, spinning, jumping).  Of course she requests the song everyday but expects her father and me to act it out with no participation by her whatsoever.  Yes, we will be your entertainment for this and every evening.
  • She is also getting more and more willful where sometimes if I have to take something away from her (because it's dirty, dangerous or just came out of the cat) there are instant tears and she will plop down on her butt where ever she is and wail like I just told her giant talking tacos who poop ice cream don't exist.  Oh wait... Occasionally a rational explanation will work to calm her but usually I have to brush up on my car salesman skills for a bait-and-switch routine.  "You can't have the creme brulee torch but you can have this cheap piece of plastic that lights up and makes noise.  It's just as cool--really."

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