Saturday, April 02, 2011

House Warmed (last weekend)

Yes, I am a week late posting this. But it's taken that long to decompress. Not from the party so much as the weeks gearing up for the event. Ken and I did this last time where we set a date for a Housewarming party very soon after moving in so it would FORCE us to get projects done, boxes unpacked, things organized, art up on walls and decorating done. It's a deadline that gives us an undeniable mandate to get sh** accomplished and then consume a whole bunch of wine with our friends.  But the pressure gets intense because we leave things (especially art hanging) until the very end.

Ken's mom was here for a week spanning the party (thank god) and she was able to referee help make suggestions.  Though I don't feel "decorating" is on my top ten best things I'm good at list, I do have good taste.  (This was in dispute a few nights before the party when we recreated the 'When Harry Met Sally' Wagon Wheel Coffee Table argument regarding good taste.  Substitute my WSU Cougar clock for the Wagon Wheel Table.)  The clock remains but it's in the far corner.  Winning!  I like sentimental art and possessions around even if they don't necessarily match or go with the house.  Ken appreciates "visual aesthetic" above all which does not consider sentimental value among an object's merit.  

While my Depeche Mode tour posters, shark photographs and inspirational sayings written in calligraphy will never see the light of day again, we are in a spirit of compromise so the much maligned WSU Cougar clock and a sequined WSU logo that my friend Amy sewed for me are displayed.  And my Mulan movie poster is up--that was non-negotiable.

So to the party, simply put, we have great family and great friends.  My Mom, Cindy, Dad and Ken's Mom were all here.  They helped with food, the baby, logistics, photography and drinking wine (well 3 of the 4 did that).  Our friends (some of whom we have not seen for awhile) filled this house with laughter and well wishes.  A surprise outcome of the event was discovering that we have a Toddler Thunderdome in our basement.  We moved all the toys down there and the 20+ kids who showed up had a blast.  We were thrilled to maintain an adult upstairs and a very kid-friendly area downstairs.  Bodes well for the future.

We chose this Ranma together at an Asian Antiques shop 2 days before the party.  We were amazed at how perfect it fit the mantle area and the tenor of the house.  I think this is the first art we've "picked" because usually art just "happens" to us.
Sidney was the belle of the ball and loved hanging out will all the kids who came to her house.  

Despite my best efforts to minimize a "shoe farm" from springing up, I guess it can't be helped when you have no actual foyer and people need to take off their shoes.  We need a "shoe valet" or something.
Note to self: more savory items next party and meat, definitely some meat.
The Moms--all smiles
Cheers to a great party!
Thanks to Karen for lending her serving tower and trays.

After party jubilation

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