Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Memories of Jack LaLanne

Yesterday, Jack LaLanne died at 96 years of age.  He was known as a fitness guru and someone who promoted fitness before it was fashionable to workout or be in shape or be conscious of one's health at all.  I had the honor of meeting and working with him briefly back in 1999.  During the Lottery's Lucky for Life TV ad shoot, I was the associate producer and got to spend a little time with Jack and his wonderful wife, Elaine. They were the sweetest couple ever and Jack had so much energy for a man of 85. The production team and the LaLannes all went out to Wild Ginger here in Seattle the night before the shoot.  During dinner he went around to all the tables, shaking hands with patrons and telling people to eat more fish. Jack made quite an impression and was a hoot.  He was a great sport during the shoot with all the wackiness and the grueling start-stop nature of the shoot.  He even caught a flying fish (which I wish I had a picture of).  Jack was such a vivacious and authentic person who wanted to see everyone be the best they could be.  I'm so grateful to have met him.

Also in the shoot was an yet unknown Joel McHale.  He was perfect as a smarmy game show host.

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