Friday, January 21, 2011

Fiddlers on the Roof

UPDATE: Pics of the finished roof added below.

The old roof had two layers of shingles plus old sheathing that had to be removed before the new one could be put on.  The guys labored under glorious, sunny, blue skies on the first day to tear off the old roof.  It was perfect, like we'd ordered it.    But where it first sounded like the house would collapse with the delivery of the materials, the tear-off and sheathing/shingle application sounded like we were under attack from an army of angry hammers.  The guys worked feverishly past nightfall on both nights they were here because rain was coming.  It was amazing: insta-roof in 2 days.  But I'm so glad that's over.  :)

(These are pics of the first day.) 

All done!

That's what a cricket looks like.

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