Monday, May 03, 2010

The Croup, update

(Also posted on Sidney's page)

I'm happy to report that Saturday night, Sidney had only one wake up and was awake for a short time. Ken and I took turns comforting, singing and reading to her while we waited for the ibuprofen to kick back in.

Sunday night, she slept the whole night through but did give us a little surprise before bed when she unexpectedly threw up her dinner and soaked Ken, herself and the floor. An impromptu bath followed and then she wanted to go straight to bed--didn't even want her last bottle. She slept in her bouncer chair due the severity of her congestion and happily stayed there all night. (Note: we don't usually let her sleep in her carseat or bouncer chair for more than a few hours but given the circumstances...)

Today, she's doing much better and is acting very much like herself again. She does have a bit of laryngitis so her cries are muffled or non-existent. Good thing our house is small and sound carries--I feel like my super-mom hearing is being put to the test. The doctor says she's looking good and we're hoping that nasal drainage is all we have left to deal with. We did not hear that cough again after the ER & meds but I'm told all we need to do is take her outside into the cold air and that will help calm it down. I am hoping to resume outdoor activities in the next day or so--the doctor said it's good for her. Playgroups will be a wait and see decision. I guess she's still a little contagious when she's draining.

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