Saturday, May 08, 2010

Best Date Night Ever

For Mother's Day, all I wanted was to see Iron Man 2 on opening weekend. The now infamous comment from Amy that my "movie tastes are that of a 12-year-old boy" hold true. A night out to see my favorite actor Robert Downey Jr. with my favorite & main man Ken was my wish. But oh what an even better night we had.

The movie was really good and we watched it at our local theater here in Ballard. After it got out, the night was warmish so we strolled through Old Ballard where Art Walk was happening so all the stores were open late. Folks were out having fun on a Saturday night (I had forgotten what that is like) but we also spotted our favorite local ice cream truck Parfait and had a scoop. It was so liberating to just be together and walking around at night. I know my pre-baby self would have been mortified by how simple and boring that sounds but these times are precious.

We were entertaining the thought of getting drinks but finding the right venue was proving a little difficult. We aren't hipsters or beautiful people (on the prowl) and wanted a welcoming joint to walk into. Sorta tough. But we sauntered over to Ocho where I had heard they have good tapas and drinks. We looked at their menu outside and were waffling about going in when all of a sudden we heard a familiar voice.

Coming up the sidewalk in a dapper hat was our good friend and soon-to-be father Sumeer. His lovely wife and also good friend Suzanne (who is looking fabulous at 34 weeks pregnant) and friends of theirs approached us. What a small world! I could not get over how delightful that was to run into them. When we were supposed to go down to Portland last weekend, among other things I had been planning to attend a baby shower for Suzanne. It was disappointing not to see her then. But man, I just love how there are happy accidents like that in this town. And when we got home, our little one had been well-tended by the sitter and asleep for the night. That's the best Mother's Day gift I could receive.

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