Thursday, November 05, 2009

We all live on a...Spanish Galleon

Ever since Ms. Sidney came into our lives, Ken and I have made a growing discovery that we live aboard a 17th century sailing ship that creaks like the dickens. We had no idea how squeaky our floors were until walking around in the wee-hours of the night to get to the baby's room, get to the kitchen to warm bottles or go to the bathroom--all without disturbing our newest family member. And for those of you who have been to the house, we're not talking alot of distance. Ken thought he might get out some painter's tape and put marks on the floor where the squeaks are so we could avoid them but then he might as well just put a big X across the whole thing. There is nothing that can be done for us unfortunately. You can fix squeaks in a wood floor by drilling screws or nailing the floor boards up from the bottom but you need an unfinished basement to do that and we don't have one of those.

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Amy said...

I hear ya Kali! I love the look of hardwoods but went with carpet when we bought our house in July. We were so glad we took 3 year old Isaac to all of the showings - he really told us a lot about the house zooming down the hallways, shutting doors and educating us on just how "kid friendly" houses were.