Monday, November 23, 2009

My Two Babies

(Originally posted on Sidney's Page)

Prior to Sidney's arrival, Ken and I already had a ravenous, excreting, 11-pound bundle of joy named Oliver. Anyone who's been here can tell you he's a little bit off. Not mean or spasmodic but sort of compulsive and distant. He has dealt with the new addition to the family by eating alot and acting slightly more friendly to us & visitors since he gets so little interaction from us now. But he never was a very affectionate cat to be begin with so it's hard to know how much his life has really changed.

He usually regards Sidney as a strange, noisy object to be avoided or ignored.

He's only sitting here because I am dangling the end of my robe tie for him to play with.

It doesn't appear that Sidney really knows what to think of Oliver but one day that tail is going to be quite grab-worthy.

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