Monday, August 24, 2009

35 weeks

I can't even believe this is me. Anyway, here we are exactly 4 weeks away from the scheduled c-section and Ken & I are both trying to get ready and read up on parenting, while savoring our free time watching TV, going to movies and staring off into space for minutes at a time (me) / practicing the Theremin (Ken). Sleep, which we've been encouraged to get as much as possible of, is a welcome respite but like clockwork gets interrupted every 2 hours by my intense need to pee. This has strangely prepared me for the feeling of being roused multiple times at night and still being able to function somewhat during the day. It's also turned me into (gasp) a morning person. During the hot, hot weather here in Seattle a few weeks ago, I began to get swelling in my feet & ankles. With the cooling temps, that has eased a little but even now, I look down and see balloon-like shapes that are actually my feet. This occurs after sitting too long or tucking my legs under me. There are now only 3 pairs of shoes in my collection that fit me, 2 of which being flip flops. Speaking of heat, since I run a bit hot these days (as most pregnant women do), I find myself wanting ice in every single drink I have. This is a 180 from what I preferred as a non-pregnant lady. And with that, my fascination and longing for straws is also on the rise. With the shrinking area my stomach is allowed to expand to, sometimes I wish I could just drink all my nutrients. I can suck down multiple tall glasses of ice water and lemonade in a matter of seconds. But I'm not down with those Ensure shakes since I don't think that's real nutrition. I guess I just need to be less lazy. The vicious cycle of not being very active and then not having very much energy leads me through days of going from one sitting activity to another. While it is comforting to sit, there are times when I harken back to more active times, when I could be on my feet for hours and get a lot of things done. Yesterday was a surprising exception when we picnicked and strolled with the Testas in a well-kept secret gem of a park called Kubota Gardens, located in Rainer Valley. This garden was the masterwork of a Japanese-American gardener who designed the landscapes of Seattle University campus and the Japanese Garden at the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island. The family donated this garden to the city of Seattle recently and now it's a lovely park that everyone can enjoy. There was no admission fee and the winding trails and many bridges over the waterways made it a fascinating place to explore. Also having the Japanese-American historical aspect was intriguing to me as well. Evidently neighbors and friends of the Kubotas helped hang onto the land while the family was interned during World War II. That was the one thing I found the most amazing is that the family had not lost ownership/control over the vast property while so many others had been forced to liquidate. It's a lovely place visit and a tribute to the better part of human nature. Braxton-Hicks contractions & round ligament pain have been on the rise lately. I counter it by sitting on my exercise ball or stretch my lower half by leaning onto something stable and sticking my butt out. Looks downright stupid but feels so good. Wetus is has been "on the move" and seems to like when Daddy talks & sings. Have not consumed any more Dr. Pepper but I'm thinking of getting something chocolate here in a moment since my eyelids are getting very heavy and I could use a pick me up.


Unknown said...

Love the bump pic, you looks so beautiful. Congratulations- not long to go! If you are looking for baby stuff I work with exchange and mart were there are lots of items listed for babies if you are after a bargain. Best of luck for the labour and future, good blogging with you

Tracy said...

How cute are you?
Did you see this article on cankles? I thought of you.