Monday, August 10, 2009

33 weeks

Here we are at 33 weeks. It was a hard earned 33 weeks. We've traveled, put the nursery together, taken classes and endured some wild weather. Today we had an ultrasound and they confirmed that my placenta previa has still not moved nor is it likely to. My doctor made the call that we are going to do a planned cesarean and most likely it will happen on Monday, September 21st. Being that this possibility has been talked about for months now, I am not feeling upset about the c-section itself. We even took a class a few weekends ago that focuses on c-sections so we feel "informed." But it is a shock that we have a date. Where before it was sort of nebulous and spontaneous, now it seems very scientific and exacting. I think it's also that we realize we have no more than 6 weeks to get stuff done, arranged and organized. But honestly one thing that is sad to me is that we aren't going to get to have the experience with the doula that I had hoped. But I'm really curious to know what her thoughts are about c-sections and making them an experience that feels connective and magical despite all the medicine & science. I hope to discuss that with her very soon. But today was special in that they brought out the 3D Ultrasound paddle so we got a good look at the Wetus who has chubby cheeks, a seemingly Japanese/Sakai nose and evidently a long femur bone which means this kid could be tall. Clearly not from me. But Wetus is measuring healthy and things are looking good. When I pat my belly it makes the noise like when you pat a melon. In fact that's what they say the baby is the size of now.

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Unknown said...

That kid is going to be so popular being the first one in class to turn 16!