Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Remembering Auntie Michiko

Today my Auntie Michiko passed away in Los Angeles. She had been recently diagnosed with colon cancer. Born in 1924, she worked in the US civil service and enjoyed traveling, visiting Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Scandinavia, Moscow just to name a few places. I will remember her as the spunkiest little Japanese woman I've ever known--so sprite and lively. She is the sister of my long deceased biological grandmother. Michiko and her 2 living sisters have resided in Los Angeles for many years since the Internment. Though I have known of her and my other great-aunts all my life, it wasn't until a wedding in 2002 that brought us down to LA where we had a mini-reunion and reconnected. But it was a thrill that Auntie Michiko and some of my other cousins made the trip up for our wedding in 2005. The visiting continued when we explored Korea-town and discovered a cool place to eat with them in our subsequent visit to LA in 2006.
Unfortunately we did not get down to LA again like we had hoped. We are keeping our other 2 aunties in our thoughts now and will remember Michiko with the greatest fondness.
Cousin Lisa, me & Auntie Michiko at our wedding.
Visiting LA the following year in 2006. Aunties Ikuko, Michiko & Yoshiko sitting.

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