Wednesday, July 15, 2009

29 weeks

Today I found out I missed the glucose test by one point. You have to get 129 or less to pass. I got 130. So that means I get to do the test again but this time I have to fast for 8 hours prior, drink the flat 7up stuff again and get a blood draw once an hour for three hours. I also found out that my iron levels were borderline so I've been put on a supplement. Sigh.
Feeling quite big and exhausted hauling myself around. I've gained maybe 11-12 pounds since being pregnant but breathing is harder because of the reduced capacity, eating is tricky so as not to fill up on liquids before I can get some food down and sleeping is a challenge because not only do I wake up every two hours to use the bathroom, but sleeping on one side for too long hurts my hip and shoulder. They are not kidding when they say the third trimester is the most troublesome.
But Wetus is getting big and the kicks/movement are stronger, visible from the outside. It's a thrill to see and baby responds to being pressed on, some vocalizations "kick" and music. I am not able to tell what body part is pressing out though. Some ladies can easily recognize them--I can only tell if it's the head.
New in the last week: craving milk. I continue to LOVE lemonade, limeade and the summer fruits. I've thought fondly of a Top Pot Doughnut or two but resisted. I also love drinking water--liquids in general are just so comforting. The nursery is really coming together and I'll post pics of it soon. I am dealing much better with the milder weather here in Seattle and looking forward to our trip next week to the Oregon Coast. But right now I am looking forward to bed.


Denise said...

You'll have to let me know if you want to borrow my Snoogle pillow (the giant "C" shaped body pillow). I'd be happy to give you some relief in the hips and back. I know it helped me tons in the third trimester.

Mamymamamom said...

Kali-you look great. I remember I lived on watermelon in the 3rd trimester of my summer pregnancy. One of my fellow engineers got into the habit of bringing me a big slice every afternoon. We didn't have air conditioning at home so we also went to a lot of movies. Hang in there.